Fiction Films

The Surrogate (2018)

When a pregnant punk rocker is stranded in 1970s suburbia she befriends a pregnant housewife. Unfortunately, both have ulterior motives.

Join or Die (2017)

After escaping a cult, a young man becomes paranoid and travels into the mountains to hide. While there, he meets an unstable man living in a bunker.

Project Astral (2016)

An experimental dystopian short shot on a VHS camera.

King of Nothing (2016)

Two down-and-out people who try to reclaim their former glory at any cost by seizing control of a pharmaceutical company. A short, stylish film noir dealing with prescription drug abuse, homelessness and the death of the American dream.

Connected (2015)

A student film about the world wide web gaining artificial intelligence, filmed from the point of view of the entity.

Telephoria (2015)

An surreal minimalist experimental short.

Project Cora (2014)

An introverted computer software developer falls in love with a girl claiming to be a robot running his artificial intelligence software.


The Astronomer (2012)

A remake of 1902 George Melies film "Le Voyage dans la Lune" (A Trip to the Moon).


Forewarned (2010)

A mad steampunk escapade and the first clumsy attempt at a full length Petrifying Productions film.

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